PageCloud – The Web is about to change forever

Just caught a glimpse of PageCloud ( from TechCrunch Disrupt and I’m literally blow away by it’s functionality. Way to go guys…perhaps you will change the web forever. It’s a browser based design tool that will you to edit (real time) and update your website right in the browser!! No code at all and I’m assuming the guys over there at PageCloud have the coding running clean in backend. Watching them take an element right from photoshop, copying it and pasting it in the browser to see it transition into a web element was shocking. They also have a feature that will allow you to copy and existing site that you make like (for inspiration lol) and it will make a version of it in PageCloud that you can touch, feel and manipulate. This will allow designers to use inspirational sites as design foundations to build on. &$%#in cool stuff guys. Can’t wait to give it a try!