The Garage Gym – No Excuses!

We have the privilege of launching a new site for long standing client – The Garage Gym ( They are a small group training facility that knows how to motivate their clients into achieving their goals. How far these clients and friends have come is truly amazing and we couldn’t be happier for them. They are an inspiration to so many folks looking to get healthy and deserve all their success. The new website is fully responsive and boasts a multitude of features for them to explore and grow into – as I’m sure they will.

“The Garage Gym is not fancy. It’s a place for hard work, it’s a place to break through your mind’s perceived barriers, to be pushed to what you think is the brink before realizing how much further you can actually go. At The Garage Gym there are no excuses, only the truth. Our training is hard regardless of the fitness level you begin with. If you give all of your effort, you will have to suffer through some pain, but the sense of accomplishment will make it well worth it. The people we want to surround ourselves with are those willing to work to make gains, to achieve their goals and then some. The Garage Gym is a place to come to be a better you; where you compete only with yourself.”