Flat Web Design is Hot in 2015

So you may have heard the term Flat Web Design – here’s what it means:

Flat web design is really a minimalists approach to designing to optimize load time and viewing for a user. This requires a designer to provide super clean HTML & CSS, utilize low resolution images (or none at all) and to shy away from things like gradients, high impact backgrounds and complex javaScript. Designers use font icons because of their scalability and low resolution as well. All of this makes for a super clean and very easy browsing experience for the user.

One of the design trends to look out for in 2015 is Flat Web Design due to it’s ability to load a page furiously quickly and display the content in a clean and legible manner. This is what users are craving for on their mobile devices. They don’t want to sift through complex elements that should be exclusive to the desktop browsing experience, they want to get to their result as quickly and easily as possible. If the result means they have to read something then you better make sure it’s easy to read on even the tiniest phones – think Derek Zoolander 😉

Flat web design in alignment with a responsive foundation is truly the optimal user experience for 2015 and you’ll be hearing clients talking about it and huge companies migrating to it very very soon. Apple and Microsoft are on board so….Check back for more on the subject very soon.

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